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3 Main Products Series

Woven Wire Screen


Woven wire cloth is used extensively in many fields, including aerospace, automotive, architectural, chemical, food handling, pharmaceutical, medical, paper production, waste water processing, hygiene and sanitation, ore and mineral processing. Strength, weight, durability, flow characteristics, heat and corrosion resistance are critical factors to consider when choosing a right wire cloth.



Self Cleaning Screen


This product is not only a high-performance screen but also a problem solver. The independent vibrating wires helped produce more product compared to a woven wire cloth with the same opening (aperture) and wire diameter. This higher throughput would be a direct result of the higher vibration frequency of each independent wire of the screen cloth (calculated in hertz) compared to the shaker vibration (calculated in RPM), accelerating the stratification of the material bed. 

Polyurethane screen media is used where wear life is an issue. Large producers such as mines or huge quarries use them to reduce the frequency of having to stop the plant for screen deck maintenance. Polyurethane screen media have been in use for many years and have proven to be generally economical due to the long wear life and low maintenance requirements. 


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